Jewelry and Coin Exchange

For more than 30 years, Jewelry and Coin Exchange has been the place Rochester, NY area residents turn to when they need to sell gold, silver, coins, unwanted jewelry and much more. In addition to buying your unwanted items, selling our own collection of high-quality items and offering reliable repair service, we also provide a valuable jewelry and coin exchange for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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Our Commitment

Our unwavering commitment to offering our valued customers the most competitive price possible for their gold, silver and other valuables is just one of the many reasons area residents continue to choose us. So if you have gold, silver or any of the other items listed above just sitting around your house gathering dust, bring it in to Jewelry and Coin Exchange today!

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What We Buy


We buy, sell, and appraise coin collections of all sizes. If you have questions about your collection dont hesitate to stop in today.Learn More »


We buy gold coins, jewelry, bullion, scrap/broken and more. Gold can be found in many purity’s – from 10 Karat, 14k, 18k, 22k and 24 Karat gold are the most common common.Read More »


Do you have sterling silver? Maybe you have old silver coins or silver flatware. Stop in today and receive top dollar for your old and unwanted silver.Learn More »


We have a long and deep understanding of the antiques market and will provide you with an honest and fair estimate.Learn More »


We buy platinum in nearly any form for the best prices. As one of the most valuable materials on earth, even a small quantity of platinum has its value.Learn More »


Certain watch brands and models are in high demand, leading to high cash payouts. If your watch is made from gold or silver, it will have value, no matter what the condition.Learn More »


Diamonds are forever, so they say. Indeed, diamonds keep value very well. You can easily sell diamonds for good money in any part of the world.Learn More »

Broken Jewelry

You may be holding on to unwanted and broken jewelry for sentimental reasons but you could be sitting on serious money.Learn More »

Military Items

Military items that belonged to famous military personalities go for top dollar. So do items that were involved in historic points during famous wars for example D-day in WWII.Learn More »


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